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SeaRey - Kit #131 with used 912 engine and prop


SeaRey Kit #131

For Sale
Price $32,500 US (Less than the cost of the parts)

This kit was completed and shipped to us by the builder when the Philippine government grounded all experimental aircraft. During shipping, the parts broke loose and bumped into each other causing extensive cosmetic damage, but no structural damage. Included is a Rotax 912 engine with exhaust system and Richter propeller. The engine has not been run and has about 160 hours. We recommend that it be examined for all current service bulletins before flight. The prop needs some leading edge repair available from Progressive Aerodyne.

This kit was double coated during construction with zinc chromate and a final coat of white epoxy for corrosion protection. This is over the factory anodized aluminum coating. It should be a good candidate for salt water operation. You can see the zinc chromate coating even in the ribs inside the wings on one of the photos.

Photos show the damaged parts still in the container. We have completed all repairs except the wing patches. It would be better for the buyer to see the holes in the fabric prior to repair. Again, no structural damage occurred in the container.

The kit is almost finished and all the work to date will count toward the new buyers 51% effort. Included are all flight and engine instruments, dual altimeters and airspeeds, intercom, strobe lights (need bulbs and covers), ICOM radio, installed and panel completed. Manual landing gear with tall 14x4 tires. (If it does not sell, we will buy it and make it our trainer with a US Coast Guard paint scheme.)

Work completed to date includes:
Shipping costs from Philippines
New windshield
New sliding canopies
Reinforced turtle deck
Reinstallation of the fuel tank
New float supports
New seats
Rough sanded and ready for painting
New tail-wheel assembly with wheel and tire
New aft sheet metal work

Upgrade of wheels
Fuel lines and filler
Brake lines and control
Engine check and test run
Prop leading edge replacement
Strobe light covers and bulbs
Repair/filling of dents in leading edge
Patching fabric holes
Final sanding and prep work
Paint (USCG theme?)


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