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SportairUSA (along with it's associated company, Waterbirds) has been a SeaRey dealer/builder since 1996.

Welcome to our SeaRey Web site.


I have tried acrobatic biplanes; I have tried jet fighters; I have tried twin cargo-haulers; I have tried large transports; I have tried even larger jet tankers. I have tried most of the Cessna and some of the Piper fleet. The Barons seemed to feel the best but something was missing. The fun!

SeaRey Over Water

Then I tried the water. 300 foot takeoffs and landings! 50' radius turns at 35 mph! Access to your local water resources as never before. But it's twice the fun when shared. The two place SeaRey amphibian provides aerodynamic and hydro-aviation features with fun that is unequaled.

I have even tried this plane in some adverse situations, which were neither smart or intentional. It's outstanding performance impressed me. The SeaRey is tough, dependable, easy to fly and easy to build.

North Little Rock Muni Airport
8222 Remount Road
North Little Rock, AR 72118

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